May 4, 2008

This is the 3rd in a series of notes about our time in Virginia.I meant to write one at Christmas, but Allisen beat me to it with a nice Tamsulosin online kaufen that gave a good summary up until then.

2008 started as busy as ever for us.Karina had her second ear surgery (tympanoplasty) and she did great with the whole ordeal.Both of her ear drums as now reconstructed and a recent doctor visit indicates she has nearly normal hearing again.

We also started the year with visits from friends that live in the area that we havenít seen in a long time.Doug Murphy and I saw Spamalot at the National Theater.Joe and Sandy Petrone live less than 25 miles away, but it took us over 6 months to get our schedules lined up!

We experienced some East coast skiing at The Wintergreen Resort.The skiing wasnít great, but the resort was very nice and extremely kid friendly.Other local activities in February included seeing The Presidentís Marine Corps Band at Schlesinger Hall.Karina and Allisen saw the New York City Ballet at the KennedyCenter.

It truly is a wonder that I can get any work done with all our travels, especially in March.Early in the month brought a family ski trip to Utah with my cousin Vip and his family and cousin Nick.In addition to learning how to ski (see the video), the kids got to ride mini-snowmobiles and go tubing.Of course there were the obligatory hot tub and snow man as well.A week later, we drove to Kitty Hawk, NC.We saw the Acey family in Richmond on the way there and stopped in Williamsburg on the way back.A new friend from the Fellowship Program, Aaron Jones, brought his family over for Easter.We all made a short trip back to California on the last weekend in March.The kids got a surprise trip to Disneyland with Allisen and Aunt Sandra.

Allisen ran in the Cherry Blossom 10 mile race.She trained hard and did well at the race in spite of the wet weather.In addition to April showers, we also had visitors from California.The Hasselbecks were in town for 4 days so our kids got to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival and the District with their pal, Jesse.Mary and Dale Bradley were in town for a few days, and then all the grownups took the train to New York City for a long weekend.

Weíre down to less than 3 months before we move back to California and have a full schedule between now and early August.We are looking forward to seeing all our friends and family again, soon.If you want to see past updates or Allisenís Christmas letter, click Us online pharmacy with prescription.

What if I put my tongue on this metal bench on this cold January day?

Proud of making her bed all by herself.

Everyone sayÖ..cheeeeeeeeese (Joe & Sandy Petrone)

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